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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Fairytale's weddings

Sicily was one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.
Today it has turned to one of the hottest wedding destinations worldwide. And for good reason. Sicily is not only one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but it prides itself on having some of the most beautiful churches and ancient architecture you are likely to find anywhere. You will simply not believe your eyes when you see the gold gilded domed Byzantine Abby near the picturesque town of Palermo, where the ancient kings and queens of Sicily were once wed.
Sicily is extremely romantic: It was on this enchanting island that D.H. Lawrence wrote "Lady Chatterly's Lover," based on a real-life Sicilian love story, and it was to Sicily that Liz Taylor escaped with Richard Burton when they first fell in love (during the filming of "Cleopatra" in Rome).

Tying the knot in Sicily is easy and there are no residency requirements.

In order to get married, you and two witnesses must appear before the town clerk and declare your intention to get married.

A civil wedding is however recommended before having a religious or symbolic ceremony, as a Catholic religious ceremony is extremely difficult to arrange unless you have a civil ceremony first.
In general you will need the following paperwork (please note that the exact papers required vary somewhat depending on your country of residence). You will need to present your passport and a a birth certificate.
For residents of Canada and the United Kingdom, one of the most important documents is the Certificate of Non Impediment, meaning neither husband-nor-wife-to-be is currently married and there are no other reasons why the couple shouldn't be wed.
All paperwork must be translated into Italian by a certified translator and certain documents must have what is known as a Apostille Stamp from the Secretary of State in the state in which you live. Its always good to contact your Secretary of State’s office to find out how to obtain this stamp.
What young girl hasn’t dreamed of her fabulous wedding in an ornate, gilded, 14th century church or in an ancient palace where once lived a king and queen? And following her fairytale wedding, what bride-to-be hasn’t fantasised that she and her Prince Charming are whisked away by horse-drawn carriage to a dream-like castle where a fabulous reception is flawlessly laid out? In Sicily your dream can come true....

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