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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Sicilian item of the day : Ceramics

Sicilian clay, used in terra cotta earthenware over the millennia, is different from the other clays (Eg. Mexico or Mongolia) because it contains a combination of silicates unique to Sicily. This clay, freshly mined from the Sicilian mountains and valleys, is molded by hand by ceramic masters, and then left to dry under the sun.

The most traditional ceramic art features the intricate motifs brought by the Moors, embellished by the Renaissance spirit of the Baroque. That's the ceramic art for which Sicily is famous.

Each Piece is unique, each individually Hand painted/moulded, therefore no two are the same.

Sicilian ceramics tend to be vibrant and colorful : just the perfect way to serve a tasty Sicilian antipasto and impress your guests!

If you are planning a trip to Sicily, don't miss to visit Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra : World's famous ceramics producers. But if you simply happen to be insipered by fascinating Sicilian culture and you are considering buying a ceramic plate online, have a look at the following link.

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