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Monday, 20 July 2009

Top 10 Food Experiences In Sicily

A US blogger has enshrined their Top 10 Food Experiences in Sicily. I have listed them here and added my own comments for further information.

  1. Fresh Ricotta. It is a well known secret that the Sicilian shepherds keep the best ricotta for themselves. Break into this inner circle and your taste buds will thank you.
  2. Cassata. And not like any cassata you haver tasted before. This is the real stuff.
  3. Gelato. Sicilians basically invented the stuff.
  4. Gelato in Brioche (sweet bread bun). Strange but incredibly addictive. After this you realise that this is the way gelato is supposed to be eaten.
  5. Watermelon Pudding. Only Sicily and North India share this exotic dessert in common. a relic from the ancient spice trade.
  6. Fragoline. Tiny, sweet, delicious strawberries.
  7. Arancine. Need I say more?
  8. Fruta di Mattorana. Actually made from real fruit...and are actually quite delicious.
  9. Seafood. In particular Tuna and Swordfish.
  10. Wine by the Carafe. Vini di Paesi or Vini Locale. Either will be good.


  1. I cannot love your blog anymore than I already do, you make memories come bursting forth and my taste buds go crazy. Then try and find all this stuff in a small town in Ontario!
    I went into the city the other day and took my mom to Highland farms[grocery store] were they have an excellent selection of all things Italian.
    Bought ricotta salada, close but no cigar,Pecorinno cheese with black peppers,almost!
    Persimmons, that will take a week to soften.
    Some times I want to weep.
    My Nona used to buy us gelato from the door to door vendor with his bucket and golden egg bread buns,OMG.

  2. great list but you did forget one quintessential sicilan food, panelle! there has to be a place on your list for panelle, and cozille too.. you could lump those two together. :) jack ferrante. oh yeah, what about milza?

    "viva palermo, santa rosalia, e a vuccuria" -rocky the pane ca meusa guy.. look him up on youtube. awesome!

  3. There is nothing like the sweet embrace of arriving at a new destination. The locals, food, music, art, and culture are all so unique wherever you go that they must be experienced first-hand. As an operator of Tuscany food and wine tours I see this every day. There is nothing like watching my guests make connections with the locals, sharing stories about each other's cultures, and even prying family recipes out of the hands of our chefs. I appreciate the article, and do let me know if you ever find yourself in Tuscany.

  4. That's a good idea for all the Sicilian bloggers to copy!

  5. Can't say I'm surprised that milza's not on there...but it was tasty when I had it in Palermo :)

  6. @ Jack, we are a step ahead of you. We actually posted an article on Siciliamo based around the legendary Rocky, entitled "Palermo Street Food", and we even subtitled the video of him in English. Take a look at it, http://siciliamo.blogspot.com/2007/08/street-food.html

    @ Michelle, this video is for you too ;)