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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Two words

Most people who come to Sicily come because they want to sample and enjoy some of the best food in the world. The diversity, depth and fusion of Sicilian food is well known, it ranges from the Baroque, Aristocratic French-influenced dishes to the so-called "poor kitchen" often consisting of fishermen village delights. Somewhere in the middle of these two is a dish most beloved across the entire island of Sicily, the humble Arancina.

The immense satisfaction a mouth full of freshly made Arincina provides a lover of food can be described using an amount of words breaching the thousands, and in later articles I will no doubt indulge in such descriptions of the Arancina [insert links/photos], but in the meantime, and for the sake of brevity I provide just one piece of advice for the reader who is just a little bit curious about Sicilian food. And you can follow this advice even without needing to know one word of Italian...

...Upon arrival in Palermo, take a taxi or drive to a place by the port called "Bar Touring" , approach the counter and say just two words, "La Bomba". Then relax, wait, and prepare yourself for a snack so addictive, so despicably delicious, so Sicilian that you will be left wondering why it took you this many years for you enjoy such a pleasure for the taste buds. Again, Sicily delivers!

Bar Touring - Via Lincoln 15, 90133
get direction on Google maps from HERE

A good alternative to Bar Touring is Bar Alba - Piazza Don Bosco 7/c, 90143 Palermo - who can deliver a smoking hot fresh arancina to your door or hotel. (If you are not fluent in Italian ask the consierge to call for you) They charge euro 2,60 per delivery, regardless the size of orders. For "Arancina Taxi" service, call 091 309016.

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