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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Windsurf World Festival 2007

The World Festival On The Beach is a large-scale sports and music festival that takes place each year in May in Mondello, Sicily. The World Festival combines windsurfing, sailing, beach volleyball, kitesurf, scuba diving, sky diving, paragliding and fitness in a single setting on the Mondello beach near Palermo. In addition to the sports competitions there are also concerts, fashion shows, fitness sessions and photographic competitions, which all together turn Mondello into a huge village that welcomes thousands of fans from all over the word day and night. Mondello Bay, whose waters are warm even in winter, is one of the most popular, famous resorts in Sicily. The World Festival on the Beach was created by Albaria Club, which has offered to organize a huge, competitive beach sports event for over twenty years. The festival's main events are the windsurfing and sailing competitions. The last edition of the Festival hosted the World Windsurf Championship and sailing competitions between the most famous crews from the America's Cup, and a stretch of the Isaf World's Match Race Circuit, level 1. The New Jazz Festival, a photographic competition with a lot of music and merriment complete the festival's programme, when the sun disappears and the beach is transformed into a dance-hall in the evening. All the events take place on the beach in a huge pedestrian area amidst the green vegetation. Access if free for tourists and Palermo inhabitants.

When: May 10th-20th, 2007

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