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Monday, 1 October 2007

Wear Sicily!

Some time ago, we wrote about how Armani was going to present his brand new collection entirely inspired on Sicily, where the designer owns a stunning villa in the island of Pantelleria.

Today we tell you what actually has been presented in recent Milano Fashion Week for Armani's latest spring-summer 2008 collection.

The beach and the beautiful blue Mediterranean found in the colours of designer's latest offerings - Daniela Petroff writes from Milan

Showing Giorgio Armani on the first day of Milan fashion week is like serving a Sicilian dessert before the main course. After such a treat, is there room for more?

Head scarves, netted shawls, flared skirts and knickerbockers gathered at the knee like a beachcomber's rolled up pants are underlined by a palette of sandy beige, shrub green and sea blue. Together, they combine to evoke Mediterranean lore.

The plunging necklines of Armani's evening wear, however, tell a more contemporary tale. Although now a dying breed, many women in Sicily up until a few years ago were still shrouded in black.
The new Armani jacket dubbed "petite," which is closer to a bolero than a spencer, barely covers the demurely flared blouse underneath, and is worn with a softly pleated skirt or the flared knickers. There is not a man-tailored pantsuit -- the designer's trademark -- in sight.

High heels accompany the beach-inspired daywear, and flat sandals are paired with the ultralight, richly embroidered gowns.

To underline the Sicilian's sea theme of his collection, Armani adds fish-shaped brooches, and boxy handbags in the shape of a miniature treasure chest.

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