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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Little slice of sunshine in the UK

Homesick Sicilians, Sicilian wannabes, supporters and food adventurers, if you live in London you can now fulfill those stomach-rumbling, Sicilian cravings at a cozy Notting Hill Café, jam-packed with the flavours of Palermo on its shelves.
Arancina Cafe was created and founded by Carmelo Franchino together with the Mortari brothers, who as homesick Sicilian were tired of witnessing office workers being served rubbish masquerading as food at lunchtime.
And so they are on a Sicilian mission : Improving quality of life with a slice of sunshine in rainswept London. Their secret recipe? Arancina, of course : That grainy mouthful of Italian risotto with a tasty surprise at its heart!
Their pricing is also refreshingly fair: £1.50 for an arancina, 70p for an almond mignon. "I want the café to be an ambassador for modern Sicily: fresh, witty and stylish," says Carmelo.
Carmelo and his friends' desire is to make the arancina just as widespread in Britain. They hope that one day office workers on their lunch breaks will be scoffing warm risotto balls rather than cold sandwiches.
Tessa Boase writes in Telegraph.co.uk about helping these guys achieve such important gastronomic mission.

Arancina Café is at 19 Pembridge Road, London W11 (020 7221 7776)

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