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Sunday, 3 February 2008

A Foreigner's Passion For Arancine

Regular visitors to this blog will know that there is one Sicilian dish held high above all others. That is the Arancina, if you are in Palermo and western Sicily, or the Arancini, if you are in the eastern part of Sicily (no one really knows why there is a difference in spelling). Most foreigners who come to Sicily see the Arancina as just a street food. Few people understand that this food is such a part of the psyche of a Sicilians life. Many Sicilians refuse to leave Sicily because they are afraid they cannot survive without their daily dose of this "national dish".

These fried rice balls containing a delicious helping of meat sauce ragu in the centre have also taken the heart of a genuine Swiss foodie where in his gastronomical blog, there is an entry entitled "Arancini, The Cult Sicilian Dish", where he states that in Sicily, "everybody knows a person who makes the best arancinis"

How True.

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