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Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Palermo Casanova Chef makes an Appearance on Aussie TV

One of our favourite chefs in Palermo, Vincenzo Clemente, owner of the Sicilian Baroque influenced, Ristorante Cin Cin in central Palermo has recently appeared on one of Australia's most popular lifestyle and travel programs, The Great Outdoors. In the segment, Vincenzo took the Aussie host through the food markets that make up the soul of Palermo.

"If you turn around and you don't find something delicious to eat. Then you are not in Palermo", so the saying goes.

Vincenzo is otherwise known as the "Palermo Casanova Chef" on account of numerous reports of foreign women swooning upon eating his famous, house-made, semifreddo (see photo). Next time you are in Palermo, pay a visit to Ristorante Cin Cin, which can be found down the steps at Via Manin 22, off Via Libertà near Piazza Croci and the Giardino Inglese (English Gardens), just a few blocks from the Politeama Theatre. Ask for "The Wolf" for a free glass of Prosecco.

Vincenzo also holds half day market cooking workshops too for those who really want the full Sicilian cooking experience.

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