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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Glamourama : Ristorante Charleston

Those who would like to try a little haute cuisine, (paying prices that are "haute" too!) should opt for one of the most elegant restaurants in Palermo, such as the Charleston in gorgeous Mondello (about 10 km from Palermo).

Picturesque setting with incredible views: of course you pay for the privilege, but it's worth it.

Charleston is a classy landmark on the Mondello lido since 1913. This former aristocratic haunt is now the domain of head chef Nino Tantillo. Its aristocratic structure dominates the beach on a pier of its own. The speciality today, as it was back in 1913 is pesce spada (swordfish), simply and wonderfully prepared. Desserts are delicious, in particular cassata and semifreddo; an almond ice-cream cake drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. Again, it's pricy... but memorable.

Closed Wednesday in winter.
Viale Regina Elena, Mondello
Tel: (091) 455 851 or 450 171.
advanced booking is essential


  1. My lips tremble with dew, at the deletable dishes described except for the fish as I am allergic, how its possible being 100% Sicilian haven't a clue just am.

  2. Hi Nellie, my mother-in-law is also allergic to fish and she is as Sicilian as Sicilian can be. You are not alone ;)