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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The "Bloody Handprint" 447 years on

Those of you who follow this blog (on all that is fascinating and useful about Sicily) will know that we are big fans of the legend of the Baroness of Carini. This is partly because it is based on a poem written in old-Sicilian that is regarded as one of the most beautiful poems written in Italy (even Dante claimed that the only true poets in his era were from Sicily), and partly because it is set in an incredible 11 Century castle with awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean.

The legend states that the Baroness of Carini was murdered by her enraged father as an "honour-killing" when he found out about an affair that she was having. The murder was so brutal and shocking that the legend states that once a year, a bloody hand-print appears on the wall of the castle in the room where the murder took place.

So you think this is all just a legend and a good bedtime story? Think again, 447 years after the alleged crime, Italian police are re-opening the case with the help of some 21 Century science. The lesson being that in Italy, crime does not pay - the police will eventually get to you, even if it is a few centuries later.

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P.S. What really spooks me the most about this article on the Castle is the following;
"Several years ago we tested areas of the castle we knew the Baroness lived in with electromagnetic field meters, and the results were very strange," ... "In certain rooms it was as if there were ghosts in the castle, as if the murdered Baroness lives on."