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Thursday, 9 August 2007


Unquestionably, Palermo is a marvellous city to experience at any time of the year, but the added attraction of Kals’Art makes this a great time to visit it.
Kals’Art is a two month long festival of music, cinema and theatre performances that takes place in various locations throughout the city of Palermo. The streets, parks and pretty piazzas in the former Arab quarter of Kalsa (from the Arabic Khalisa, "pure") are turned over to the event which includes a great line-up of entertainment ranging from theatre performances and film screenings to live music and arts exhibitions.
A huge variety of music is grouped into four sections : Kals'Art Maree offers performances by international talents and Kals'Art Riflessi is dedicated to minimalist, ethnic and jazz tunes. Kals'Art Wawe is all about Mediterranean music, while Kals'Art Mare Aperto showcases young talent.
Visitors can also take the opportunity to join some of the free guided tours and explore Palermo's cultural and architectural marvels, including the Palazzo Mirto museum, Catena and Magione churches and Chiaramonte Palace.
Theatre performances are usually held in the courtyard of Palazzo Bonagia, a historic building in baroque style; while films are shown in the evocative setting of the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo, Italy’s first ever public theatre.
In the Kalsa you can dine on everything from pasta to couscous to sushi, and admire architecture embracing Arab, Gothic and Neoclassical, while the ambiance still seems distinctly Arab, with narrow winding streets typical of old cities in Tunisia, Egypt and Iraq.
Visit the website for up-to-date information. http://www.kalsart.it/ (dates are subject to changes every year)
When : 20 July - 26 August 2007

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