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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Clubbing in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most lively places in the Mediterranean and provides lots of opportunities for night-time fun in dreamlike, exotic and eastern-style settings.
In these places where fashionistas can see and be seen, bars are chic, the drinks expensive and the atmosphere vibrant.
But beware that to find your way to the most über-cool bars you definitely need a local to guide you.
Here's my fav hot-spots :


Kursaal Kalhesa
Foro Italico Umberto I n. 21
This is where Sicily meets New York's SoHo. An attractive crowd congregates at the bar, which is flanked by discretely lit stone walls and a bookstore-cum-lounge. You can read English-language newspapers, listen to live music, get online at the Internet cafe, or pick up tourist info at the travel agency.

Kursaal Tonnara Bordonaro
Via Bordonaro 9
This summer version of Kursaal Kalhesa is just another place to experience inspiring past and trendy present. Kursaal Tonnara Bordonaro is an ancient fishing warehouse (or tonnara) that kisses the picturesque bay of Arenella. It has only recently been "discovered"after being abandoned for many years. It features a spacious outdoor area where concerts and art exhibitions are usually held, within the confines of this beautiful night club.

La Cuba
Via Scaduto 12
Almost every VIP in Palermo stops by La Cuba, a private club furnished in Arabic style can be found in the garden of the amazing Villa Sperlinga, which is a luscious park found within inner Palermo. Here you can sip cocktails while listening to lounge, chill out music while marvelling at the thirteenth century domed arab building that houses the bar.

161 bar & lounge
Via Libertá 161
A popular cocktail bar among the youngsters where you can sip a drink, be entertained by a fashion show or listen to the latest DJ sounds of international and local artists, all contained within a period, Liberty-style, palazzo.

Galleria Expa
Via dell'Alloro 99
A must-visit place for Art & design lover, if not for the innovative contemporary art but for the surreal rooftop experience. The juxtaposition of contemporary, modern art on the ground floor, with a WWII bombed-out top floor, that conveniently turns it into a rooftop bar where you can drink under the stars in the heart of Kalsa, the historical centre of Palermo

Baia del Corallo
Via Plauto 27/a – Sferracavallo, Palermo
Perhaps one of the most picturesque glam spots in town.
Set in a stunning wild Mediterranean garden by a rocky beach.
You can dine al fresco in the big patio area, caressed by the gentle Mediterranean breeze, or lay back in the cushion seating area by the water, enjoying the beautiful people who congregate at this bar by the sea.

Via Mariano Stabile 134.
New York Style glam spot.
Perfect place to enjoy Happy Hour in typical Sicilian fashion: a generous finger-food buffet with a glass of aromatic Sicilian wine while watching the hip crowd and listening to cool music.
Allegedly the best sushi in town.

Cambio Cavalli
Via Patania 54
Inside a seventeenth century building (an ancient stable, actually), where art and photography exhibitions by young artists are often held. Cambio Cavalli was a place where the city messengers used to change their horses during the middle ages in Palermo.


Via Nazionale - Spisone, Taormina
A piece of Montecarlo in Sicily.
über-cool glam spot to party, wine and dine or to simply chill under the sun at this beach establishment

La Giara
Vico La Floresta 1
Perhaps the oldest disco in fashionable Taormina. Stylish crowd, do dress up!


Club Raya
Panarea (Aeolian Island)
lounge bar and disco set in a hip boutique hotel.
Ensure you are at this place at sunset and you will never forget it. The truly unique experience of being on the broad, open terrace, watching the sun descend over the black smouldering volcano on the island of Stromboli, is something from a dream. The stunning terrace overlooks the blue sapphire waters of the Aeolian Islands.

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