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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Seafood? Yes please

If you are after the freshest seafood you ever tasted, the small towns of Mondello and Sferracavallo found on the outskirts of Palermo are for you.

These picturesque villages offer a number of excellent seafood restaurants; I encourage you to try the 'Ricci' (Sea Urchins) and see why it is a popular Sicilian delicacy.

Sicilian seafood is simply superb. Here seafood recipes truly sparkle with freshness and imagination, all buoyed by centuries of seafaring tradition.

The best-known Sicilian seafood dish is spaghetti con sarde, tossed with sardines, wild fennel, pine nuts and raisins, or the pennette with menta e pescespada (swordfish, fresh mint and tomato sauce). But apart from the endless choices of pastas I would encourage you to indulge with a seafood solo!

Try "zuppa di cozze" (mussels soup in light spicy tomato sauce), soutée di vongole (clam in white wine sauce and chopped parsley) and the famous "insalata di polipo" (octopus salad) with a simple dressing of olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon, salt and pepper. Delicious.

There are several restaurants to satisfy your seafood cravings, but if you allow me to give you some tips from a native Palermitana you won't be disappointed : If you are around Palermo, the best choice is to head toward Mondello to restaurant "Da Calogero", via Torre Mondello, 22 tel. (091) 6841333 (booking is recommended), and try to get a table in the terrace overlooking the beautiful bay.

A more upmarket alternative is "Villa Antigone", via Antigone 40 - Partanna Mondello tel (091) 454306 (booking essential). Owner Lucio converted his villa into a restaurant located in the residential area of Mondello and today they serve the best pasta con i ricci (spaghetti with sea urchins) so far ! A must try.

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