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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Sicilian beats

A Spanish mariachi together with Celtic flutes,
some African drums and a heavy dose of oriental beats : this is traditional Sicilian music.
A music that recalls the ancient dialogue among different people in this cross-cultural island called Sicily; a music that endlessly translates its multi-ethnicity into food, language and sounds.
Today, several young and talented Sicilian artists have re-discovered the magic of performing in traditional Sicilian dialect, mixing folk music with a contemporary touch.
Some of them perform in English, alternating instruments from various Mediterranean cultures, others in Sicilian only.
We have followed some of the most promising artists during the main music festivals in Sicily and during indie and world music international exhibitions.

These are the ones that we like the most:

Milagro Acustico creates a rich tapestry of exoticism and stunning music. The overall effect presents a dream-like quality that conjures up gypsies and other nomadic people, sharing slices of their lives and then moving on to the next adventure.

Experimental Sicilian contemporary music, created by combining instruments like an Australian didgeridoo, African drums and a Sicilian tambourine.

This talented singer/composer/musician is considered one of the best Sicilian voices.

A gentle, folky mixture of songs that drew inspiration from Caribbean, American, and English songwriting traditions. They perform in English, but some music arrangements, such as their particular use of the tambourine, are strictly Sicilian.

Songwriter and singer Alessandro Mancuso delivers an incredible, almost theatrical interpretation of his music on stage. Their concerts are often accompanied by traditional and contemporary dance performances.

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