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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Sicilian Item of the day : Sicily by D & G

There's nothing lovelier than leaning forward to give someone a hug or a kiss and inhaling a wonderful scent.

Dolce & Gabbana transformed this scent into a deadly weapon of seduction, in truly passionate Mediterranean fashion : Sicily.
"Sicily" is a warm Mediterranean fragrance available for both men and women.

The feminine version blends wild orange and floral notes, while the masculine possesses a blend of lemon, orange, lavender, sage, cedar and tobacco.
"Sicily" has a really unusual scent, unlike anything else which I have worn previously (I think a lot of perfumes smell very alike these days).

D & G are best known for making women look, quite simply, devastatingly sexy : Their fetish-meets-femininity collections are always backed by powerful advertising campaigns, like the black-and-white "Sicily".

Sicily by D & G is available in every perfume shop worldwide and can be also ordered online via Ebay following this link.
Give it a try...and feel the intense alluring scent and the warmth of the Mediterranean vibrate in unison.

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