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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Shot in Sicily!

Vanity Fair 'fashion & style' director Michael Roberts' new book, "Shot in Sicily," is set to release next month. The book is to be 186 pages, "traces the stylist and photographer’s shifting vision of a sensual and ambiguous country." It will feature over 175 of Roberts' photographs of Sicily. The book even features an epilogue by Manolo Blahnik and text by Amanda Harlech.

With an occasional nod to Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden's late nineteenth-century images of the Sicilian town of Taormina, and the films of Visconti and Bolognini, Roberts' sense of Sicily moves beyond conventional and touristic aesthetic categories. His camera captures the beauty of youth, crumbling temples, traditional Easter parades and the theatre of daily life, and genuinely recreates the allure of Sicily.

To celebrate the book's launch, Giorgio Armani is hosting an exhibition and cocktail party on June 26, during Milan Men's Fashion Week, right after Armani's Spring 2008 Fashion Show. The book will go on sale on June 27 at Armani stores. It looks like it will be a wonderful "coffee table book." A must-buy for every Sicily lover.

This glamorous book is already available on Amazon

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