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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Mamma Andrea's small sins

Peccatucci, "small sins", are delicious candies made from almond paste, sugar and liqueur.

Among the vaste range of sins are our favourites, the Agrumelli : soft and exquisite almond morsels flavoured of strong Sicilian citrus fruits.

Mamma Andrea small-scale boutique contains one of the most diverse collections of gastronomic abundance in Palermo. It sells a plethora of mouthwatering original creations, including jams, preserves, candies, liqueurs and honey.

While Peccatucci's taste is a feast of the senses, its packaging is a masterpiece itself : Each item artfully wrapped into the kind of gift that will delight yourself or recipients back home.

Elegant bottles contain liqueurs distilled from herbs or fruits you might never have thought suitable, such as almonds, basil, myrtle, fennel, figs, and rose petals. Jams and honeys showcase the agrarian bounty and aromas of Sicily.
Andrea and her staff are very gracious and helpful, and will ship any item anywhere.
I peccatucci di Mamma Andrea,
Via Principe di Scordia 67

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